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I’m Asexual

Children are inventive. As a kid, what deterred me from my lofty dreams of becoming a doctor were hastily quashed by the thought of having to deliver patients’ newborns by pulling babies out of their throats. But if you had explained to me … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Breakfast

Smoky, dense fumes fill my lungs. Fresh pig’s flesh in oil, Desperate to escape its confines To her kitchenware. He’s cursing again, Flailing around like a fish out of water. The swine spits back defiantly. Urges us not to move an … Continue reading

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Every Hour Can’t Be Happy Hour (2014)

4 PM hits, Another hollow bottle in my midst. Finally, the world revolves around me, And I feel free. But now I can’t see past the bottom of my glass, And I feel incomplete. One misstep and I’ve fallen from … Continue reading

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Sam Porter, Midnight gun toter, Roaming around under streetlights. Unsuspecting residents are tucked in for the night. He makes his way into the ell of the building, Keeping sure out of camera’s sight. ‘I know why you came,’ says the … Continue reading

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Kill the Lights

If the world went away, And all our worries turned to sand, You said you could live without regret And finally be my man.

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The Downfall of Sam Porter

(This letter is a response to https://humblefoot.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/logans-letter/) Dear Logan, I fear you may not receive this letter in time, I’ve had to stray away from the technology I grew up coveting, Estrange myself from what I used to believe And leave … Continue reading

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Hide and Seek

He told me love never waits For a meager flame. So he set the house on fire And found me once again.

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