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Idle Rumination

It started in seventh grade; Glossed over the foundation. Picture changed from clear to grain, Anxious in anticipation. My name once held a certain caché, Despite my reservations. But I threw it all away For the comfort in isolation. Now … Continue reading

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Shattered Glass

Every reflection Is distorted in the glass; A mirror to my fate. Waiting for the time to pass. But if each shard contains the whole, Why does this all feel so hollow? Close my eyes so I can’t see, I’m walking on … Continue reading

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Thoth, you sing these words to me, In a material world of uncertainty. You are the voice of reason; my saving grace. Atlantean; thrice reborn. A warm embrace to the human race; Beautiful beacon, feather adorned. Esoteric secrets dwell beyond your ancient depths; … Continue reading

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My Heart Is Deep-Sixed

In fair weather and foul, I’ll be your friend. Peacekeeper, eagerly subdued; You’re my first choice. But I’m water and you’re glue – And I’m still stuck on you. I slip right through your fingertips, And I’m abashed to admit … Continue reading

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Space Is A Place

Space is a place But your heart is your soul. There are some things in life Beyond your control. Just live through your heart And reap what you sow. Don’t drop anchor now, You’re more than mere flesh and bone. Don’t … Continue reading

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Spirit In the Dark – Part 4: “The Siren Song”

Spirit in the dark, You keep me from falling apart – Even when I’m in the shadows I know there’s still a part of me That can never break away. I’ve been waiting for the sun On an endless stormy … Continue reading

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Introduction to New Age Spirituality

Disclaimer: This is going to be somewhat of an abstract and spiritual perspective post. So at the risk of alienating readers (including my lovely subscribers), I shall trudge on nonetheless. I understand that we all have differing experiences that cultivate and encourage … Continue reading

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