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I’m Asexual

Children are inventive. As a kid, what deterred me from my lofty dreams of becoming a doctor were hastily quashed by the thought of having to deliver patients’ newborns by pulling babies out of their throats. But if you had explained to me … Continue reading

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Summer 2016 Update

Hey guys, I apologize for my impromptu hiatus from this blog. I’m struggling with chronic health issues which have, in turn, prevented me from sharing any writing, as I’ve been preoccupied with trying to make ends meet and recovering whilst moving forward. … Continue reading

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Social Commentary On Homophobia In the Middle East

So I don’t normally comment on social pieces but I just read a news article about homophobia in the Middle East and was so sad that it was flooded with comments about how it is justified because being anything other … Continue reading

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Why I’m Indifferent That I’m Single and Why (If You Are) You Can Be Too

I want to start out by saying I’m hoping to do something a little different with this post. And I hope it’s more candid and accessible to read than the abstract poems I typically enjoy posting for you guys.

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Vampire Life

This week one of my good friends, the super-talented Jenna DeAbreu, turned me into a creepy blood-sucking vampire à la HBO’s True Blood for a photo assignment.

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Same Love Radio Documentary

Hey guys, I recently teamed up with my best friend Jenna Rovinelli for a radio documentary that sheds some light on my experiences being gay in a Catholic high school and striving for equality in a society that shames being anything … Continue reading

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“Is Homosexuality a Choice?”

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