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Perception of a Lost Dream

Faded photographs, Crumpled up in my top drawer. They keep me up at night, Speak volumes of all that we’ve endured. They’ve led us to this moment in time. It all happens so fast; In the blink of an eye, … Continue reading

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The Downfall of Sam Porter

(This letter is a response to https://humblefoot.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/logans-letter/) Dear Logan, I fear you may not receive this letter in time, I’ve had to stray away from the technology I grew up coveting, Estrange myself from what I used to believe And leave … Continue reading

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Socialism: A Personal Look

It’s amazing how quickly things can change. In a heartbeat everything that once was can suddenly turn into a distant memory. And after a while, those memories begin to feel like they belong to someone else’s lifetime. So when you’re … Continue reading

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Paint Me a Different Shade of Blue

Love you like a fire burning bright in the cold dead of night. If sleep were an escape would you still dream of me? And who’s to say what’s real, The things you can touch or the things that you … Continue reading

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You let me down Another frown paints the town You fanned the flame, Never to return again. There was a time I would have given everything for you But you still haunt me in everything you do.

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Melodic Curse

I draw you in like oxygen My heart a wall of glass It’s getting hard to breathe now With all the fog and anthrax.

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No One’s Left to Blame

A woman once told me, Not to dwell on the past Things are always changing And nothing ever lasts.

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