Gold & Silver

You’re basked in gold
And you seize the day,
Got a man to treat you well
When life isn’t going your way.
And yet you still find the time to make sure I’m okay.

Steady flow of cash falls through your midst;
Soft curls and sharp wits to go with your full lips.
In your darkest hour,
You can remember this.
And you find your place up on the podium.

You laugh and smile in pure bliss,
Awards in hand, waving as you’re holding them;
As the crowd cheers you on,
Roaring for your gold,
Praise radiates from all the friends we know.

But through the dust and muddy prints,
I’m right there by your side;
Cheering you on,
Though it’s killing me inside.

I love you so you’re golden –
You know that you’re the best.
But when’s it my time to shine?
Can you ever give it a rest?

Second place is getting old
Now that I’m aiming for the gold,
But that’ll always be you,
And there’s not much else I can do.

It’s whenever I’m with ya
That the envy takes hold,
You love me like I’m silver
So I can never shine like gold.



About humblefoot

Kyle Fisher (who often uses the alias Logan Rowley online and in his writing) has been enjoying writing since he was just 8 years old. His first formal publication was at the age of 13. He is now a spiritualist and openly queer author, perpetually searching for inspiration to create and learn more about the world around him. He is always drawn to the simplicity and uniqueness that life has to offer. He doesn’t identify with labels or socially constructed ideas about how the world should be. He believes that the world is your oyster, and that we all project our own destinies with the thoughts we choose to harbour about the universe. He is an idealistic, spiritualistic hippie who is just trying to find his place in this world, crafting each word to leave his mark, and promote love and equality among all people.
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